No Strawberries are GMO.

How to tell if your food is GMO by just looking at it

Lela Perez
Jan 28, 2017 · 3 min read

The next time you go to the grocery store, go armed with the knowledge that is about to be imparted to you. Could it really be possible? Just by looking at it? The next time you pick up a tomato off the produce rack, you will know.

The Big 10

There are nine plants we eat that have been genetically modified by directly manipulating their DNA. Most people don’t eat cotton or cotton byproducts but it is one of the most prevalent natural materials to make clothing from. Next time you’re looking at something in the produce aisle, ask yourself:

Is it Corn?

Fun Fact: All Popcorn is non-GMO! A different type of corn is grown and there’s no GMO version of this type.

Does it have Soy in it?

Almost all soy grown in the US is GMO. Soy milk, tofu, some bean sprouts, and anything made with soybean oil.

Is it a Squash or Zucchini?

These are some of the best tasting veggies I’ve ever added to a dish.

Is it Canola oil?

The pretty Canola flower and plant give us a popular cooking oil.

Alfalfa sprouts maybe?

I’m sure most people don’t eat Alfalfa because it is a leafy legume grass. Some obscure markets do sell alfalfa sprouts as a health food.

Is it a Papaya?

Production of this tasty fruit was hugely affected by a plant virus but it made a great comeback after the GMO version was introduced.

Is it a very specific kind of potato?

The Innate brand White Russet Potato to be exact. The only GMO potato you might find on your grocery shelves.

Is it a very specific kind of apple?

The Arctic Apple brand Golden Delicious or Arctic Apple brand Fuji are the only GMO apples you might find on supermarket shelves in test cities on 2017.

Does it contain processed white sugar? It might have come from Sugar Beets.

If your veggie or fruit doesn’t meet any of these criteria, you can pretty definitively say it is not in any way shape or form a GMO. I hope you feel more confident about your GMO options now. There are many labels that may be confusing if there aren’t any GMO versions of the plant. Be bold and choose your food fearlessly.

If you did happen to be looking at a tomato, it’s not a GMO.

If you have any concerns or confusions, please feel free to reach out!

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Bringing new value and engagement to the social food conversation by empowering consumers.