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Food equals Health

The Future of Diets and Nutrition: Find Foods, that work for you and YOU ONLY!

YOUR Perfect Personalized Diet.

Once upon a time I was thinking…

Wouldn’t it be great, to know one day, precisely, what foods work for some people at a precise moment and situation in their life, and what foods do not work?

What foods I can personally eat regularly and in what amounts. At what time — I noticed long time ago that, when I indulge in my favorite sprouted almonds early in the day I have no issues with digestion, or energy levels, or hunger, or cravings, but when I indulge late at night, watching my new obsessions on Netflix right before falling asleep — I’d wake up groggy, feeling like I didn’t sleep at all, low on energy, anxious, with stomach full of fiber and bloated but at the same time growling for more food. Same happens with a lot of foods, but not with simple protein foods, like tuna or sardines, or simple fats, like coconut oil or Kite Hill Chive cream cheese style spread.

I noticed long time ago, that, when I eat cashews or peanuts, I can only safely afford to eat a handful or two — the rest would leave me hungry, craving food and hangover next morning, if I eat late at night. But if I eat walnuts in big amounts, or macadamia, even late at night — nothing happens at all, I wake up refreshed, and my skin looks terrific. Same with Brazil nuts. Same with olives.

I’m quite aware of the foods, that make me feel amazing, the ones that make me sick, the ones, that are OK but I need to watch quantity and timing — but that all due to the fact, that I’m very sensitive to my food and my environment, always have been, and my meals tend to be pretty simple, very few ingredients.

I was thinking, if I ever get into the diet business, diet writing — that is the kind of diet I want to create and work with, recommend to people! The only diet I truly believe in,, based on years of me personal experiments and decade of work with clients, family and friends.

The Personalized Diet — the only diet of the future, the only diet I believe in.

No matter how much I love my modified keto/low carb diet, no matter how I tend to be biased against sugar and high carb foods — I also know, that the way I eat doesn’t work for everyone, the foods I eat don’t work for everyone, heck, lots of foods on keto diet don’t work for me! Like cheeses, or dairy of ANY kind — make me sick, bloated, inflamed, sluggish — grass-fed or not.

On the other hand, compared to some keto people, I can eat almost unlimited coconut oil and olive oil and I never put a gram of fat on my body, and my health only gets better, same with 100% dark chocolate.

But if I eat butter and ghee — that will make me sick in big amounts, I will start accumulating fat on my love handles (they would start to form).

Fats are different.

Carbs are different.

Proteins are different.

Foods are different.

Completely different in their effects on our bodies. In quantities that work for us, times, combinations — it’s not a coincidence, there is a whole science about food combining.

The Personalized Diet. The only diet that makes sense. That only diet that works for everyone. The future of ANY diet theory.

Diet theories are a great way to have some guidelines, some rules, some starting points, but within the boundaries of a specific dietary approach, we all need to find our own way, trying foods, noticing what works for us and what doesn’t.

What if there was a tool, that allowed us to make this guess work a bit more scientific than “That feels ok”, “That doesn’t feel right”, “Oh, I’m putting on weight all of a sudden eating the same!”? What if there was a way to personalize our diet? All the foods? Snacks? Meals at our favorite restaurants and our favorite food combinations?

Well, the future is already here and your personalized diet is a part of it!


At least some version of it, that we can start using today — that’s my next experiment that I’m very excited about to start upcoming Monday! (Will share results and takeaways of course! STAY TUNED!)

I’ve just finished “The Personalized Diet: The Pioneering Program to Lose Weight and Prevent Disease” book by Eran Segal PhD, Eran Elinav MD PhD.

In short, the book gives us the toolkit to design our own personalized diet to maintain healthy weight without calorie counting, carb counting, total portion control, being paleo or whatever, avoiding gluten or dairy, or your favorite desserts all the time, but not only to maintain healthy weight, but also

As you might have guessed, the whole idea of the book is built around blood sugar levels, or more precisely, blood sugar levels spikes, that we want to avoid at all costs, choosing our foods and designing our meals wisely, to avoid all the mentioned above disastrous health consequences.

The book explains in detail, how and why blood sugar level is probably one of the most accurate biomarkers, affected by our food choices the most (combined with our lifestyle choices like sleep, stress management, exercise), the most accurate biomarker, that can be easily measured at any point in time, at our homes and out, after each meal, the biomarker, that not only reflects our immediate energy levels and possible energy dips, and the healthiness of our meals, but also long term consequences like weight gain, heart disease, eye and nerve damage, diabetes, dementia, cancer, cardiovascular disease, fatigue, metabolic disease and more.

The book provides detailed system to measure our blood glucose specifically to create our own unique map of “good/bad” meals, foods, food combinations, portions, snacks, restaurant meals, meal times — it allows us to know, for example, if plain oatmeal is really such a great heart healthy breakfast for us, or we should add some butter to it, or start eating eggs. Or what’s the best dessert for us? Ice-cream? Chocolate? Or that frozen yogurt crap you’ve been trying to force on yourself? (The answer might surprise you!)

Want to stop struggling with weight? Energy dips? Fatigue? Never ending health problems current and coming?

Design you own personalized diet! Start measuring your blood sugar!

The book is a manual. They even made an app for it. All science based, actual real time measurements, your measurements — not some abstract randomized human/mice studies, that have nothing to do with you or your life situation.


And as the book states, there is no more question “What is the best diet for humans?”, but rather — “What is the best diet for YOU?”

Get YOUR answer!

Design your own personalized diet!

PS: Something I find lots of people are confused about. On artificial sweeteners.




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