🍓Kamala is right: one job should be enough to put food on the table.

Food Fight
Jun 29, 2019 · 2 min read

Kamala Harris is right.

Last night, she stood on the biggest stage in America and said exactly what we grocery workers have been saying from the beginning: we don’t want a food fight. We just want one job that puts food on the table for our families.

But after an insulting contract offer from corporate grocery giants, one thing is clear. A fight is what they want. So a fight is what we have to give them. We won’t stop fighting until our grocery workers get the respect they deserve.

Today, Kamala showed us that she stands with us

Image for post
Image for post

Now, let’s show her that we stand TOGETHER:

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All across the nation, hardworking people in the food industry are speaking out and making themselves heard. It’s time that we grab the mic. That starts by having important allies like Senator Harris on the right side of our fight.

Take a second and share our graphic so she knows we stand together.

Keep fighting,

Jennifer Gates
Food Fight

Food Fight

Everybody’s gotta eat.

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