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Finally, people are starting to hear what we have to say.

By now, you’ve probably heard about the HUGE strike that’s happening in New England. 31,000 UFCW grocery workers have said ENOUGH to yet another billion-dollar grocery corporation trying to squeeze out every last penny off of our blood and sweat.

It’s a big deal. Just as big: national news outlets are finally starting to get it. WE are responsible for companies like Ralphs-Kroger Co. making record profits. And it’s time the people in our neighborhood stores see some of those benefits, not shareholders who live thousands of miles from our communities.

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Let’s get one thing clear: we don’t want to have to take it this far. But Ralphs-Kroger Co. better take notice. From New England to Southern California, this is ONE FIGHT to make sure ONE JOB is enough for grocery workers and our families.

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It’s on, 
Team Food Fight