🍓 We mean business

Share your weekly grocery receipt and help us reach our goal of $1 million.

$1 million.

That’s the goal, people. As workers and shoppers, Ralphs-Kroger Co. needs to know we make their record profits possible. Now is the time to show the company exactly what we’re worth.

Please share your weekly grocery receipt now and help us reach our goal of $1 million by tomorrow. Together, we can prove to Ralphs-Kroger Co. we mean business. We need you now!

Share your weekly receipt: https://foodfightus.com/#receipts/

Your food prices keep rising, while pay stays flat and hours get cut back. That’s not fair for the hardworking people who feed their neighbors at local Ralphs stores across SoCal. We’ve earned a living wage, and enough hours to make sure one job is enough to feed our families.

So, let’s get it done.

Share your receipt now to show the company how strong we truly are: https://foodfightus.com/#receipts/

It’s on,

Milton Holland
Food Clerk, Vons, 30 years experience
Food Fight