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Restored is a new venture that increases the reciprocal nature of trust between the consumer and the retailer.

The specific dietary needs of the modern shopper are complex and have become increasingly opaque in an era of information overload. Customers who rely on their local grocer feel confused and disconnected when they can’t find groceries that fit their needs. To add to this problem, larger grocery chains lose their customer’s trust by selling too many items with perceived health attributes that don’t respect individual differences.

Big retailers are looking for a way to rebuild customer loyalty and establish a hyper-local atmosphere. Restored is a new App that directly connects shoppers’ personal dietary needs with their local grocer. Restored also gives the customer greater autonomy in the sourcing process and rebuilds a personal bond with their retailer.

1. Restored arms shoppers with a virtual nutritionist.

Busy customers can feel lost in a sea of decisions at the grocery store and the average family needs to visit at least 3 different venues to complete their shopping. Restored begins alleviating this problem using advanced medical technology as well as spectrometer scanning.

It’s as easy as a press of a button.

After a thumbprint scan, Restored can capture each user’s unique biometric profile. Your phone is now able to link your personal biometric information with food choices near you. Once you’ve begun shopping, Restored employs spectroscopic scanning to determine the actual nutritional contents of the item you’re curious about. Then, Restored cross-references that information with your own personal nutrition profile. Restored is candidly transparent, explaining each scan from a personal nutrition standpoint while providing a list of alternatives that might better suit the shopper.

Restored provides a virtual nutritionist that will help you understand what’s best for you

2. Restored directly connects families, neighbors and special interest groups with the stores they purchase food from.

Users can share the shopping choices they’ve made while out for groceries with their friends and neighbors on our website. Closed, private discussion groups are a great way to keep tabs on your family. You can also join open, public special interest groups like high performance athletes for example. Each user can vote on foods they want and compare with their neighbors in real time. As specific items trend, and more shoppers communicate with their stores, they can begin to see the inventory shift. When they visit the store and see changed shelves, they feel like their store values them, and a stronger bond begins to form.

Restored helps you connect with local shoppers like you

3. Restored allows big retail to prove their commitment to their customers.

Retailers have their customer’s best interest in mind. They want to help stores quickly respond to the specific needs of each customer. Some stores have grown so large that they can no longer provide a hyper local experience for their beloved customers. Despite their commitment to their customers they lack the information to really curate their inventory. Restored provides a sounding board within communities that retailer can rely on. Restored offers a heightened level of communication that lets customers know they’re valued. Similarly, it provides big retailers with important data and neighborhood trends.

Restored allows you to request items from your local grocery store

4. Restored can impact national distribution patterns and improve the bottom line.

Restored’s unique data collecting method gives retailers a unique glimpse into each shopper’s decision process. Grocers now know what shoppers bought, what they didn’t buy, and why. Added insight into their customer’s preferences will make big retail brands more trusted but can also solve issues of waste and excess in the supply chain. Adjustments to regional distribution based on demand could save retailers millions of dollars annually. Items popular in one area will not travel to areas that don’t desire them thus eliminating waste. The information that our app can provide to retailers is dynamic but just as revolutionary is its ability to build a strong bond that can last for generations.

Stores will transform to your community’s needs, one shelf at a time


Trust is a complex issue. Our team embraced the challenge both from the side of creating a viable business as well as bringing back an attitude that is missing from the daily shopping experience. Throughout our research, we found that bigger stores also want a hyper local identity for each store. Trust takes compromise and reciprocal understanding and our app effectively facilitates that. In the future, this type of focused facilitation could significantly impact the supply chain. It will also help generations of families be more in tuned with their nutritional choices.

Editor’s Note: This article was written by a Food + Future coLAB Fellow to share their concepts and experiences from the third week of our January 2016 program, focused on the theme of Trust. For more information, please visit

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