Braised Pork With Soy Sauce

By Limin Zhang

It is the first dish I learned from my mother. I choose this dish because it is one of the most famous traditional dishes in my hometown. However, since the dish is fatty to some degree, I do not have it very often. Usually, my father cooked the dish in my family because he is very good at cooking. Every time I have this dish, it makes me think of my hometown, especially when I study out of my country. Now, I’d like to share the dish with my friends because it shows the flavor of my hometown.


500g Pork Belly

5 slices of Ginger, 2 chunks of Ginger

4 tablespoon Soy Sauce

30g Olive oil

4 Green Onions

1 tablespoon Sugar

100g Chinese cooking wine


  1. Cut pork Belly into 1.5 inches small pieces
  2. Put raw pork belly, 2 green onion, 2 chunks of ginger, 50g Chinese cooking wine with cold water into a pot and boil them until pork belly becomes white.
  3. Clean the white pork belly with cold water
  4. Add olive oil into pot and open the stove plate. When the olive oil is warm, put the rest of ginger, green onion and 1 tablespoon sugar into the oil. After all sugar is melt, place the white pork belly into oil. When the color of white pork belly becomes brown, add 50g Chinese cooking wine and soy sauce and stir them.
  5. Add 4 cups of cold water into the pot and turn up fire to boil the water. After water is boiling, turn down the fire and slowly cook the food for one hour.

Healthier Option: Bamboo shoots with soy sauce

  1. Get rid of the roots of bamboo shoots and cut them into small pieces
  2. Add olive oil into pot and warm it up. Place ginger and green onion into the pot. After the smell comes out, put bamboo shoots with soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine and fry them.