By Allen

Per 32oz serving: 156 Cal

Kow Piek Sen (Ko-w Pe-iCK Senn): Known as Laos’ most popular homemade noodle soup brings together comfort and ease when consumed. This dish offers me are always the times my mother and I, laughing in the kitchen while cutting and rolling noodles while gossiping and making this dish. And till this day, I choose this dish because it resembles home and family no matter where I eat it. Even if I’m eating it at a restaurant or at home great company always surrounds me: family and friends. Anyone can make this dish, but my Mom is always the one to take the lead. Known for her noodles, my mom is home.


Chicken Broth:

4–6 cups of water

1 large whole chicken

1 pack of pork meatballs (halved)

1–2 whole yellow onions (cut in halves)

1 heavy pinch of salt

1 can of quail eggs (drained)

1 stalk of lemongrass

Handmade Noodles:

1–16oz bag of tapioca starch

1–16oz bag of rice flour

4–6 cups of boiling hot water

1 pinch of salt

Add Ons:

1 bunch of cilantro (chopped)

1 bundle of green onion (sliced)

3–4 limes (sliced)

1–2 tsp of chili oil

1–2 tsp of thick sweet soy sauce

1–2 tsp of fish sauce

1–2 pinches fried garlic/ shallot

1–2 pieces of patangko

Bean sprouts (washed/drained)

Pieces of shredded chicken

Salt & Pepper


To begin making your Kow Piek,

Preparing the soup broth, allow the water to boil with your onions, lemongrass, and salt. Slowly add in the whole chicken. Now it’s optional to cut the chicken into pieces now so it will be easier for your shredding later. While waiting for that to boil, prepare your quail eggs and meatballs to add in after. Once done, take the chicken out and let cool. Add meatballs and eggs, but if vegetarian leave those out. Begin shredding chicken, and keep those to the side once done to add in on top. For a vegetarian option, skip the chicken and add in the onions, celery and lemongrass for a flavorful vegetable stock along with your jasmine rice.

Preparing the homemade rice noodles, mix in a large metal bowl the 16oz bag of rice flour and tapioca starch, and pinch of salt. Making sure to keep about 1/4 cup of rice flour for dusting and separation of noodles so they do not stick, and mix well with hands. Make a well in the middle and begin adding one-cup-at-a-time of the boiling hot water and stirring with your hands folding in the flour. Once it becomes a little sticky yet firm, stop adding water and begin kneading dough until firm. Make balls of dough, roll out flat into long strips and begin cutting noodle like strips. Keep in a dusted plastic bag or metal bowl covered to keep any moisture or air to dry the noodles out.

Preparing the delicious soup bowl, bring another pot of water to a boil and add a handful of noodles and let those cook. Once noodles are done, strain and add to the soup bowl. Begin adding ladles of broth over your noodles and choice of meat then sprinkling on the fresh vegetables, adding the fish sauce (optional), sweet soy sauce, dash of black and white pepper, good amount of chili oil and fried garlic finishing with the fresh squeeze of lime to pull it together.

Healthier Option:

Vegetable Rice Soup

4–6 cups of water

1 stalk of celery

1–2 whole yellow onions

1 heavy pinch of salt

1 stalk of lemongrass

3–4 cups of Jasmine Rice