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A new publication about our relationship with food

*For me, a healthy, privileged white man in an affluent society

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

Hi. I’m a healthy, privileged white man in an affluent society, and I’ve been an on again / off again vegetarian throughout my life. Yay, me! My current stretch isn’t even my longest — it will be just two years in August. But I’m positive it’s going to last me for years to come. Probably for the rest of my days. (Which are looking long, since, again, I’m privileged as f*ck.)

In the past, I turned to vegetarianism without really thinking too much about why. It might’ve been to impress a hot female friend, or a vision while hallucinating on…

Chronic inflammation is associated with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

Inflammation in our body is a normal, healthy response; it becomes a problem only when it is a long-term condition due to particular habits. According to Harvard Health Publishing (2019, 2020), inflammation is when our immune system fights off foreign invaders, but certain lifestyle (e.g., smoking or constant consumption of foods high in sugar) can evoke lingering immune responses that lead to serious illnesses like heart disease or diabetes, and one of the best ways to prevent or treat the condition is to eat foods with anti-inflammation effects.

Since I was a kid, adults would tell me not to eat…

Image by Kaz Matsune

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If you ever thought about making sushi at home, and rice is one of the seven mysteries of Japanese cuisine, you are not alone. In the sushi class I teach, I’ve met so many people who shared me their confusion: sushi rice, Japanese rice, basmati rice, sticky rice and rice roni. What’s the difference and which one is which?

Let me see if I can shed some light.


To make sushi rice:

  • Use either Sushi or Japanese Rice
  • Use either Short or Medium Grain
  • Never use Sticky, “Mochigome” rice
  • My first choice: Lundberg Organic…

You’ve been looking for them... now you have them.

Photo by Neal E. Johnson on Unsplash

Well, we’ve all been standing on the bar at some point in our lives staring at nowhere.

It’s this precise moment that you want something to shake up your world and you pray to your inner self for the perfect strike of that one drink that will make you feel reborn again.

It’s that one shot that will get you through the night and get the party going for good.

1. Vodka Red Bull


Only one thing matters when it comes to eating a pie: the ratio of pastry to filling

By Deborah Tan-Pink

Remember the meme that goes:

I want to wash my hair but I’m not emotionally prepared to dry it.

It’s the same for me and pie-making. I want to bake a pie but I’m not emotionally prepared to work with the crust.

Putting a pie crust together is easy enough — especially if you have a food processor. Just throw flour, salt, sugar, and cold butter into the processor, pulse until butter is well incorporated into the dry ingredients, add cold water, and pulse until it all comes together into a dough.

It’s rolling out the dough…

The Pop-Tart appreciation edition

For those of us who appreciate the convenience of eating with one hand while frantically writing an article to meet a deadline with the other— let’s pause and appreciate the Kellogg’s Pop-Tart! Especially the blueberry frosted ones! Those are to die for.

The evolution of the Pop-Tart actually began over at Post, one of Kellogg’s major competitors. Post devised a method of packaging dog food in foil so it didn’t require refrigeration. How they made the jump from dog food to breakfast food is anyone’s guess, but from there they concocted a flat pastry to cook in the toaster to…


With apologies to Don Henley and people who like simple syrup

Photo by Scott Akerman on Flickr CC2.0

If you want to know more, read on. If you’re just here for a recipe, here it is. Mix away, and Cheers.

The Base Collins Recipe

  • 1 oz. Lemon Juice
  • 2 tsp. Sugar
  • 1/2 oz. Water
  • 4–6 oz. Club Soda
  • Garnish: Lemon Slice

And your spirit of choice (just choose one!).

  • Tom Collins — 1 1/2 oz. Old Tom Gin
  • John Collins — 1 1/2 oz. London Dry Gin
  • Pedro Collins — 2 oz. Light Rum
  • Juan Collins — 1 oz. Tequila
  • Sandy Collins — 1 oz. Scotch
  • Colonel Collins — 1 oz. Bourbon
  • Morgan Collins — 1 oz. Moonshine**

Add Sugar and Water…

Dandelion green and caramelized onion risotto — a patio-perfect recipe

Dandelion greens on a cutting board; Licensed from Brent Hofacker, Adobe Stock

Bitter, earthy dandelion greens are one of the quintessential flavours of spring and summer for me. Spry, young leaves add a nice kick to salads while older leaves, with their steady spines, sauté nicely into most dishes that call for a leafy green.

When my local produce delivery yielded a massive bunch of dandelion greens, I was eager to pair them with caramelized onions in risotto. The only problem? Simmered wine gives risotto its signature tanginess and there wasn’t a drop of white wine in the house.

While red wine can be a good substitute in a risotto with red…

Okra is easy to grow and tasty too

It doesn’t look like much now, but this baby okra will produce lots of pods good for eating!

I love okra! I love growing it! I love eating it! Did I mention that I like okra? I think it is such an underappreciated vegetable. Some people say that okra is too hard to grow. For me it is one of the easiest vegetables to bring to harvest. I have heard so others say that they don’t like okra because it is slimy. I think they just haven’t had a version of it that they like. I have heard others who have said that they don’t like fried okra either.

Okra (also known as lady’s fingers or okro in…

There are all kinds of things going on behind the scenes.

Photo by Melanie Lim on Unsplash

A few years ago, in my mid-50's, I found myself needing to supplement my income due to some unforeseen financial difficulties. In an effort to keep my head above water, I took a job at a supermarket whose name most readers would recognize. The pay wasn’t great, but it was acceptable and I needed the money. The work wasn’t terribly hard, and most of the people I worked with were fun to be around. I ended up staying there for 3 1/2 years.

Like most people, I never gave much thought to how a supermarket is run, where the food…

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A new publication about our relationship with food

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