Wonders with Leftover Food!!

Having leftovers at home is a very frustrating problem. I know!

No one prefers eating a day old chapatti or rice or anything for that matter. It’s quite boring! Isn’t it? Either we end up throwing it (which is surely not cool) or we just keep stuffing it back in the fridge so that we don’t get to see it :p

We need to be a real mathematician to estimate how hungry our family is on a particular day and cook food accordingly. Well, no need to stress yourself because I am going to share some interesting recipes that you can try at home with your leftovers.

Left Over Chapati

You won’t believe that your stale chapati can be modified into a lip smacking & delicious snack. Here comes..

Chapati Chaat

Chapati Chaat

Left Over Rice

With your left over rice you can create a very innovative and yummy dessert.

Rice Pudding recipe of a famous chef shared by a Foodstalker. Check this out!

Rice Pudding

Left Over Chhole

Wondering what to do with the extra leftover chhole that you had with bhaturas or rice the previous day!

If the quantity is too much, one can easily be bored by eating it with chapati or rice again and again; so here comes a quick way to make it as a chatpata delicacy.

Aloo Tikki Chhole Chaat

Aloo Tikki Chhole Chaat

Left Over Bread

Do you often worry about the few remaining slices of bread that harden up as they near the expiry date?? Well, shoo away your worries as I tell you how to make a quick but super tasty snack from leftover bread slices

Bread Korma

Bread Korma

So the next time you have any of these leftover items, do try these delicacies and share them with friends & family.