Gastronomic Experiences are a Whole New Reason to Travel

Farid Movsumov
Dec 29, 2018 · 3 min read
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Traveling opens your eyes, broadens your horizons, it shapes you. That’s why so many people work hard to save money, to visit somewhere new, somewhere exciting.

Millions of tourists roam the world from London to Hong Kong, from Hawaii to Peru. Something magical happens when you travel, you’re never quite the same again.

Maybe you fly first class and stay in luxurious five-star hotels. Perhaps you hunt low-cost plane tickets and carry your whole life in an 80-liter backpack. Either way, chances are you arrive at a new city, country or continent clueless, naïve, and excited.

To get the most out of your travels, there’s research to be done. After all, you don’t want to miss the most famous landmarks and monuments, festivities, and perfect pictures.

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It takes experience to catch cheap flights and finding affordable hotels require a few hours of web surfing. Attractions are to be thoroughly investigated and so is your transport. It all adds up in a tidy itinerary that compiles all you wish to do, but there’s one more thing.

Within this bucket list, there should always space for trying local cuisine. You visit somewhere different for the adventure, but you remember it for its food.

You cannot visit Bangkok without experiencing their exciting street food scene, or London without enjoying a typical Sunday Roast. Baku is the place to have plov, and a New York City hot dog is good enough to justify visiting the big apple.

Gastronomic experiences are a whole new reason to travel, it’s a different way to explore the world, your taste buds are your other travel journal as your social media accounts bloom with epic food pictures.

We are foodies and travelers. Like many other food lovers, we often found ourselves lost in a foreign city looking for something local and traditional to eat. When asking -What’s good here? Just isn’t enough, you need to go deep into the web, find out what locals eat, and where to find it.

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We also know the value of sharing our experiences and learning from others. For us, it was clear that something had to change; that’s how Foodie Advice was born. is an ever-growing food library sorted by location that portrays the best dishes of every city in the world. Slowly but surely the network has been expanding as it allows travelers to vote on their favorite recipes and open new locations. The website depends on the community to bring valuable input, travelers helping travelers at its best.

Still, in its early stages, Foodie Advice is growing fast. Today you can see classic food from 15 cities, but the sky is the limit. Is your hometown profiled yet? Do you want to showcase your latest findings? Remember, food is all about sharing.

The next time you’re planning a trip, visit Foodie Advice and don’t miss on the finest food around. While you’re at it, pitch in with your own foodie knowledge. Give advice and get advice. Make community, united all by our greatest passion, a perfect meal.

Foodie Advice

City Guide For Best Foods

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