Foodie Delight : Beef Pasta Bolognese

Late night craving for meaty pasta!

I just honestly love the science behind cooking. How different ingredients in different combination can create wonders. While running between the hectic schedules, grad life has to offer, I find peace in cooking. There is plenty of hobbies I like to dwell in but in this post, I would like to share one of my favorite kinda pasta recipe that I cook often.

So it started like this, one late night it was raining cats and dogs outside, very unusual at this time of the year, I have to say. I have just finished writing five hundred words for a proposal and fixed two annoying bugs from the program I had been working on. Glad to finally get done with it, when finally I realized I have not been taking care of my appetite for the last fifteen hours! The right time to get creative with my cooking hobby I thought. If you are a spicy meat lover like me, I am sure you will enjoy this meaty sauce filled pasta with a little touch of Bangladesh in it.

about half kg minced beef / keema meat
3 tb spoon oil
2 tb spoon butter
3 garlic cloves minced
half onion sliced
half cup tomato sauce
half cup Ragu Pasta Sauce
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
3 tsp black pepper
3 tsp spoon paprika
2 tsp oregano powder
half cup parmesan + mozarella cheese mix
additionally you can use capsicum, tomato slices, mushrooms as toppings (I did not because of the unavailability in the kitchen :P) 340 gm Pasta

Preparing meat:
1. Take half kg keema meat, wash well, then mariante with all the meat spices. Well here comes the Deshi touch to the menu, I mixed 2 tsp salt, about 2 tsp (turmeric, chili, cumin, coriander, ginger) powder, 1 tsp cardamon powder, 2 tsp (tomato, cilantro minced ) 1 tb spoon oil with the meat and kept for half an hour, you can also refrigerate the marinated meat in a zip-lock for latter use.

2. Now take 3 tb spoon oil heat in medium flame. After the oil is hot take 3 garlic cloves minced, half onion sliced. cook for a while until onions are translucent. ( add mushroom after this step if you like to!)

3. Add marinated meat in the oil, cook until the meat is brown. Keep stirring the meat otherwise, it will get burnt. Add 3 tsp spoon paprika and 2 tsp black pepper here. After cooking meat for 10/15 mins add half cup water.

4. After the keema meat is cooked brown, add all the sauces mentioned above and cook, stir frequently. (you can add capsicum, tomato cubed pieces in this step).

Preparing Pasta:
5. Parallel to step 4 , boil 16 cup water with 2 tsp salt in a big deep pot. After it starts boiling with bubbles add the pasta in the boiling water uncovered. Stir pasta continuously and check if the texture of the pasta is alright. Cook for atleast 7 to 8 mins. I followed the instruction of my pasta pack. You can always check if theres any additional instruction written for the pasta you are going to cook.

6. Now quickly wash the cooked pasta in cold water and drain down the hot water.

7. Now take 2 tb spoon butter and heat. pour the pasta and cook in the butter. Pour 2 tsp oregano powder and 1 tsp black pepper powder.
8. Pour the meat sauce you just cooked and the cheese mix in the pasta. Stir for a while in low heat.

9. Finally serve Hot with any side dish like salads or potato fries.

No mother source for this recipe, I combined the ingredients from multiple recipes and my mind and it turned out yum!!

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