Nikola Wyatt
Oct 3, 2018 · 1 min read

During the last month, we received lots of relevant feedbacks about our project, vision and idea. Most of them were constructive and we realised that we need a bit more of time to make the project successful. This is not an end of our dream, we evaluate it and understand that there are things to be done before continuing with the Pre Sale.

All the tokens already distributed will be refunded.

Like a larva that before being butterfly enters its cocoon to evolve. Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash.

During the next weeks we are going to speed up our MVP development, so there will be no doubt about our ability to execute the project, and with the MVP, we think that we can strengthen our community.

We are going to announce a new partnership in a few weeks, and we are sure that will change the course of the project.

As soon as we have a new date we are going to announce and update on listings and social media.

Our project goals are to create a better and sustainable market for restaurants, and remove the intermediary of the transaction, so restaurants can deal directly with their costumers. And also transform the online payment real time, so restaurants will receive from their costumers instantly, with zero fee.

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The #1 blockchain food delivery marketplace driven by community!

Nikola Wyatt

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Passionate about technology and economics. Played the major role, as software architect, in the software design of a scalable logistics big company in cloud


The #1 blockchain food delivery marketplace driven by community!

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