Hankki Yakki

Japanese Fusion BBQ restaurant in Hongdae, Seoul

Hankki-Yakki is where my friend had really wanted to go for a long time. (She was always saying about this restaurant😑) So she, another friend and I decided to go this restaurant for my early bday party last weekend.

We ordered ‘Hankki Yakki set’ including beef, scallop, heart(?…not sure. Just beef internal organ thing), rice(sushi style), miso soup, salad and so on for 16,000won.

This small grill was set up first. I think this is the difference Hankki yakki has from other bbq restaurants.

  • Good : Not normal. Looks fancy. Good to take pics.
  • Bad : Can’t cook many beefs once. We can only cook maximum 4 pcs. Not enough for us 3.

Inside the restaurant, it doesn’t really look like bbq restaurant.

Clean, not noisy.

On the right, beef plate.

On the left side, there were scallops, mushroom, onion, garlic and ginkgo.

This is how to eat.


Put little wasabi on the rice Then put beef over them

You can just eat beef with salt or sauce too.

Miso soup came a little later.

We all agreed this is pretty good. And also the price wasn’t that bad.

  • Location


408–27 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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