About the Devil

What if the Witch hunters are the Witches?

Just wondering. Some Christians are so proud the repeat the message: “Perhaps the biggest trick of the devil was make us, believe he doesn’t exist.” What if that idea itself was the devil? That idea gives you all the reason to seek where he does exist, in others. Anyone with some idea of history must remember the stories of the Spanish Inquisition, of Jihad’s and Crusades, of stamping Christianity into heathen’s. Or more recently stamp democracy into developing countries (~until they were willing to choose to select the right leader for international interests~), heterosexuality into gays and socialism out of, or into, free thinkers (depending which side of the fence you lived) or Isis culture into peaceful muslims. Where does “Though shalt not kill.” add “except, of course, people who …”??

World famous image of ‘Liberation’ gone wrong.

So what if just pointing the finger to accuse, defile or blame is the evil deed itself?We all must have seen movies in which the witch hunters, persecutors are the ‘bad’ guys. Yet, notice how they always feel they themselves are the good guys? They seem to love helping point out the devil, and shout, “See, here, he exists! We got one of his followers!” Yet 90% of the killings made by Drones are innocents. Consider a court sentencing that amount of innocents to get a few bad guys. Consider all the families losing loved ones, because a trigger happy teenager got trigger happy or blindly followed orders.

What harm does an opinion you don’t agree with? What is endangered by world views strange to yours? Especially when they are not harming you. And, as we learn from the news, persecuting a certain group, in itself leads to counter measures. Yes, Americans, the ‘War on Terrorism’ itself increased terror attacks with 6500%!!!

Terrorist or afraid boy in a state under attack by American Empire? I ask you to consider both options, not just one.

Thinking that what is other must be destroyed, may take your inner confidence away, your inner convictions. You must have little faith in yourself, when just the existence on a homosexual, socialist or redneck makes you start burning with aggression on the inside. And more and more we see populists of all believes and or (corporate, religious, national) interests pointing fingers to make you put blame and attention to what might not be the root of the problem at all.

So consider this, when you start burning on the inside and want to point fingers: What has taken hold of you? Who or what destroyed your inner peace? Perhaps that is, what we could call, the devil.

Just wondering.

And dear scientists, we think racism, religious fanaticism, national vanity is all politics. But what does psychology advice here? What if the problem of ‘those others even existing’ is a way more basic human thing, something that can be prevented to heat up through education. I know, you’d love to do that, except of course, for the one belief your nation or university holds. Shouldn’t true scientists even worry about their own bias too? Because dear scientists, you too, know how to demonize and how ridiculing ‘believers’ with your proofs, even when all convincing, also seems at times have a rational flavor of aggression. Couldn’t you help the world overcome this primitive form of aggression towards others? Aren’t we all crew of this planet called Earth, meaning we must make it work for us all? Just wondering.

Comment of the Sage: “If the devil is foremost deep within me, perhaps I need to start a crusade against myself, before I order one against others.”
Comment of the Fool: “So if I want to battle the devil, that might mean I could be taken by him? Who’se to blame for that idea?”