Future of Community

Panel Discussion: How Nonprofits and Businesses Are Engaging Audiences to Grow Their Impact

As one of the panelists, I have one comp ticket to give away, first come first serve. Otherwise, use code BSC25 to get 25% off. Register here.

Join Be Social Change on Thursday, May 21st at 7:00PM for The Future of Community — How Nonprofits and Businesses Are Engaging Audiences to Grow Their Impact.

Building and maintaining meaningful relationships with current and potential customers, employees, and supporters is becoming a central imperative for organizations big and small. Gone are the days of simply marketing at customers. Today, businesses and nonprofits looking to grow and scale their reach and impact are needing to focus on engaging the public into conversations and inviting them into their communities.

In this panel discussion, we will explore the trends, challenges, and best practices in the art of building community. Why are more and more companies prioritizing community building as a key part of their growth and impact strategies? How can online communities bolster in person communities and vice versa? And what tools and techniques are being used to effectively engage and activate customers, volunteers, supporters to create social change?

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Eli Malinsky, Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation

David Spinks​, CEO, CMX Media

Kristin Hodgson​, Communications Director, Meetup

Sarah Judd Welch​, CEO/Head of Community Design, Loyal

Marcos Salazar​, Co-Founder + Executive Director, Be Social Change

Lee-Sean Huang, Co-Founder / Creative Director, Foossa

More information and register>>

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