Professional Development Notes

Notes & references prepared for my presentation at The Foundation Center, New York, March 31, 2015

About Me

Life/Career Hacks
  • Live the question(s).
  • Take calculated small incremental risks. Approach risks as “projects” or “experiments.”
  • Find the throughline or common theme that connects disparate experiences. How do you connect the dots in life’s choose-your-own-adventure story?
  • Document, Document, Document. Start with blogging here on Medium. Tumblr or Wordpress are also good places to start. Document your process, your challenges, your failures. Show your work. Having good quality photographs and/or video of your work is also good for portfolio building.
  • Leave things imperfect, so other people can engage, participate, and make it better.
  • Have a creative outlet, side project, side hustle, something different from your main career. Mine is capoeira.
  • Be(come) a T-shaped person/professional.

My Media Consumption

Book Recommendations