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The decline of FIFA, what’s gone wrong?

FIFA 18 is one of the most popular games in the world, however, in the past few years, the game has been in a decline, so let’s look at the reasons why they have been in decline.


In the past 2–3 FIFA’s, because less users are buying FUT points and are playing FUT, EA have provided several monetary incentives such as Weekend League. However, while it has attracted some users to playing FUT, many still are hesitant due to the slow gameplay and EA’s ability to change up the gameplay.

Furthermore, career mode is one of FIFA’s most developed modes in the game, bringing the realistic experience of being a manager. But, the problem is that due to the gameplay, players of career mode really have no incentive to play matches and can just simulate most games.

Not all FUT players are dumb, and once people realised that participating in such competitions was not worth it because of the gameplay, FIFA essentially became a dead game.

Price Ranges

Price Ranges are essentially restrictions on how much a card can be sold for, and the range is managed through a fixed price floor and price ceiling. Price ranges were mainly implemented to prevent and stop the widespread use of coin selling websites, pink slips, and trade.

Price Floors

A price floor is the lowest price that can be charged for a good (a card). It’s usually implemented to prevent certain goods from being sold at very different prices. For example, in FIFA 14 (before price ranges), you could buy a NIF (non in-form) Edinson Cavani for 3,000 coins, however, after price ranges, the minimum price may be 15,000 coins, pricing out many players that have limited funds.

Price Ceilings

A price ceiling is the highest price that a card can be charged for. It’s implemented to prevent a certain good from being too expensive, and this scenario, it’s implemented to prevent coin selling. While in earlier you could sell Adnan Januzaj for 1 million coins, due to price ceilings, this option is no longer possible.

Coin selling websites

The usage of price ceilings has essentially prevented several coin selling websites from operating. Coin selling websites are websites where users can go and pay for a certain amount of coins in the game, and provide a “shortcut” to having many players & buying the best players.

The ban is also one the ways that EA are trying to tackle the coin selling business

How does it work?

  1. Select the amount of coins you want
  2. Select the player your listing on the transfer market

3. Pay

4. List your selected player on the transfer market

5. The coin selling website will buy your listed player, usually for a large amount

YouTuber Sponsorships

Many FIFA YouTubers, including many of the Sidemen, rely on coin-selling websites to create certain content, such as pack opening or building a team full of legends. Furthermore, these YouTubers have partnerships with these websites, and the implementation of price ranges effectively ended the partnership for many.

Because of this, many YouTubers started creating less and less content that’s mainly related to pack openings & creating very good teams. It also meant that they would essentially have to “binge play” FIFA in order to earn the same amounts that they did from buying coins.

FIFA Points

FIFA points is essentially FIFA’s alternative to “coin selling” except with far more flaws. While buying coins can be used to buy players directly from the transfer market, FIFA points can solely be used for packs, so buying FIFA points is in fact a far more riskier investment. Furthermore, FIFA Points are also more expensive to buying coins, hence pricing out many coin buyers.

The Rise of Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most played games in the world right now and because it’s free, it’s available for everyone to play without payment. While FIFA costs significantly more, Fortnite is a more fun and cheaper alternative, and also incorporates several different gaming audiences.

Because Fortnite is more popular today than FIFA, playing Fortnite is essentially a golden ticket for many YouTubers. Also because of the popularity of Fortnite across several celebrities like Drake, this means that playing Fortnite is essentially a “societal & cultural norm”.

FIFA no longer gets views

Phases are critical to the popularity of the game, as social media influencers can single handedly determine the consumption behaviour of people. While in the past FIFA got a lot of views, nowadays vlogs & Fortnite are the types of videos that usually translate to lots of views. Furthermore, because FIFA has effectively been “phased out”, this means that it’s far more difficult to gather an audience today through social media purely by playing FIFA.



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