Angry Loaners

How angry will you be to see your star striker go out on loan?

A brand new feature for the new game will allow managers to take another manager’s player on loan for a set amount of time. What does this mean?

Scenario!— Manager 1 lands on the player loans square on the board and can take a player on loan from any of the other managers namely Managers 2, 3 or 4. Manager 1 is struggling to score goals while Manager 3 has two 5 star strikers. Manager 1 takes a 5 star striker on loan for 3 months (in this case until the end of the season) causing Manager 3 to have to rejig his team due to a lack of backup strikers.

Essentially Manager 1 has strengthened his own team and weakened an opponent at the same time. This one will make for a few strained friendships we think!

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