Fans Q+A With David Hall, the Creator of Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes! (Part one)

Giles Hunter ex of CDS Software the publishers of Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes, Marty Neill and David Hall the creator of Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes

Our first Cloughie’s fans question and answers is with David Hall the mind behind Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes. David mapped out the game as a very young guy on the backs of rolls of wallpaper (which might still be in his mum’s house somewhere, we’re on the hunt of course!)

Hey David, we have some questions from the Facebook fans of Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes for you if you’re happy to answer a few questions from the 80s!

When was the last time you played Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes?

David: I last played it on Christmas Day with my nephews, son, daughter, Mum and Father-in-law!!!

How did the original concept come about? Was it originally intended to be a board game?

David: I developed the board game in my early teens and then when at CDS it developed further as a hybrid computer/board game as the computer was ideally suited to manage the fixtures, results and tables.

How were the player ratings decided?

David: There was a committee of 3. An Everton fan, a Leeds fan and a Newcastle fan….. sounds like the beginning of a bad joke …..

Was the game designed to deliberately create a have and have nots setup? Such as the team ratings at the beginning were they designed to disadvantage some players?

David: The game wasn’t designed to be unfair …….but one little quirk was that if Newcastle wasn’t taken by a player, and became a computer team, it was automatically the strongest computer team.

And there we have it, little nuggets of Cloughie’s folklore from the only man who could know! Part two will be along presently. If you have any pressing questions for the original creator of Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes please send them to and we’ll pass them along! And don’t forget to get involved with our player votes and various shenanigans on Facebook too.