Formations and new tactics

Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes only offered 4–3–3 as a formation, we’ll be introducing some new team layouts to make the game more tactically challenging!

Hi all, just a quick update to say that we’ll be giving the new Football Fortunes game a big old tactical twist by introducing formations! That’s right. No longer will you be trapped in a bubble of 4–3–3!

Instead you’ll be able to counter your opponents great attack with a good old 4–5–1 or go slow and steady with a 4–4–2 for a good solid mix of defence and attack.

This tweak will allow players to plan their teams more tactically. Oh and the team strengths will be more granular with defence, midfield and attack. Whether you’re a cautious Jose, a contemplative Rafa or a balls to the wall Pep or Jurgen you’ll be able to do an lot more in regards to your teams style this time around.

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