Meeting with the makers of Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes…

From Left to Right: Giles Hunter the founder of CDS Software, Marty Neill who’s doing the remake and David Hall the brains behind the original Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes game

For those of you who have been keenly following the Football Fortunes remake you’ll know that a while ago we managed to make contact with the original team.

They’ve been hugely supportive of our efforts in trying to give Cloughies a second life and have been more than kind with their information, time and expertise. Without them, we wouldn’t be doing any of this!

And so it was a great pleasure to meet the guys in a swelteringly hot Doncaster for a chat over lunch, they really are an inspiration. Sharing old war stories from the early days of computer software, deliberating over a timeline that’s had thirty years of sand spread over it and wondering, like the rest of us, exactly how many versions of Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes there were and how in the name of Clough did that sequel ever get released?

A big thank you to Giles who’s arranged so much for us in the last year but also to David who’s a wonderful guy with the keenest mind. It was a pleasure to discuss with him what we’re planning to do with his baby and to watch him work out in seconds what all of the implications are of the changes we’re making! We could easily see the quick mind that created the game that gave us so many years of pleasure as kids. A true inspiration.

We’ve asked the guys to do a quick Q+A with us also, more to come on all of the questions that were submitted via the Football Fortunes Facebook Page and the Cloughies Group on Facebook