Our first trip to UK Games Expo was great fun…

Football Fortunes
Jun 3 · 4 min read
Football Fortunes gets a proper play through at UK Games Expo 2019!

We took the new Football Fortunes game to the UK’s largest tabletop gaming event UK Games Expo, gave it it’s first proper Cloughie’s nerd playtest, met a Football Fortunes legend and much more…

If you’ve never been to UK Games Expo we’d highly recommend a trip, even if you’re not that into board gaming there’s a lot to see. If you’re into board gaming of course it’s nerdvana for you. If huge dice stalls selling thousands of different styles of dice floats your boat or reams of Stonemaier Games titles get your juices flowing throw on your wittiest Shaun of the Dead tee shirt and make you way to the Birmingham NEC forthwith!

We were very fortunate to land a playtesting slot at the Playtest UK zone on the Friday and we were doubly lucky to have the first few guys to encourage the new Football Fortunes game project come along, fresh off the back of their beloved Aston Villa beating Derby to mark their return to the Premier League.

Not only that we finally got to meet one Keith Mcleman who is the only other person on earth outside of ourselves to have remade Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes. Keith’s remake became the sequel — European Super League Football Fortunes 2 which got a limited release by CDS Software in 1991.

Keith Mcleman, creator of the 1991 sequel to Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes European Superleague — Football Fortunes 2

Keith’s a top bloke, and his company Cardboard and Coffee Games have a couple of releases in the pipeline that will be coming to a Kickstarter near you in the very near future. We played his new game X~Arrr! a pirating based resource lugger and it was great fun.

Tac-Tics by the Crafty Footballer

We also came across another new football game Tac-Tics created by Mark Craddock (otherwise known as the Crafty Footballer). The game is a card turner which can also be played as a memory game. It’s easy to pick up and quick to play, we’ve had a few goes at home since too so it’s quite addictive. We’ll add it to the games we’ll review in our Away From Home web series of football game reviews later in the year.

The big UK Games Expo Football Fortunes playtest was a success! We got great feedback and it was great to meet some of our first and biggest Facebook fans in the flesh.

Both Mark and Keith joined us briefly at the Football Fortunes playtest and we unfortunately had to turn some guys away (next time we promise!) We ended up with the Cloughies powerhouse players in Pete, Karl, Alan and Steve rolling up their sleeves to take playing the latest version of the game on with gusto.

Our new additions to the game went over very, very well with the guys both picking up the new aspects quickly but also saying they felt natural and added to the game which is great. There’s little more nerve-racking that playing something new you’ve made with superfans of a previous version but the guys loved it.

We can’t thank them enough both for all of the support as we’ve built up this project but also for making the journey and giving us their time, it was a shame the game was cut short as a youth strategy was starting to appear when we had to quit.

We’ll be back in England in July time for some more play-testing and to launch our Kickstarter campaign which will help to make the new Football Fortunes game a reality! Want to know where and when? Join our mailing list for this exclusive information first

Football Fortunes 2019

Documenting the official remake of the greatest football simulation board and computer game ever made Brian Clough's Football Fortunes…

Football Fortunes

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Football Fortunes 2019

Documenting the official remake of the greatest football simulation board and computer game ever made Brian Clough's Football Fortunes…