Player Values

We thought we’d give you an insight into how we have decided on player values in the new Football Fortunes game.

Let’s face it, football transfers have gone bonkers! From Paul Pogba to Neymar we’ve seen some serious money change hands in recent times. For the new version of football fortunes we decided to have some sanity!

We’ve come up with a series of calculations based on our player rating votes that will allow us to quickly value a player based on their star ratings.

How we’re valuing players in the new Football Fortunes game

Strikers are worth £18m per star, midfielders are worth £15m per star, defenders are worth £8m per star, goalkeepers are worth £6m per star and utility players vary!

As always we welcome your thoughts! Want to devalue your least favourite player or make sure your favourite is bloody expensive? Make sure you get involved in our weekly player votes!