What have we been at?

First functional prototype for matchdays and league tables is now working!

Hello! We know it’s been a while since we blogged but we thought we’d give you a quick and dirty peek into some of the stuff we’ve been doing. Remember the new Football Fortunes game is still at the prototyping stage but we’re getting ready to step things up a gear in the coming weeks with a genuinely playable prototype of both the board game and software elements.

Here’s a quick roundup of all that’s going on…

  • The video above, whilst not a design classic by even Marty’s low standards, features a real match day engine and league table. We have games playing and leagues updating, which is a big step forward for the software.
  • We have a real graphic designer (eg not Marty!) working on the design of the board, box and more
  • We have a real programmer (eg not Marty!) working on the prototype of the new software
  • We have Alan Stewart (again not Marty!) working on an explainer video and also future expansions to the game including manager focused expansions which we’re very excited about
  • We’re applying for funding through NI Screen here in Belfast to help us get the prototype developed
  • We have answers to some probing questions from the guys, Giles and David, behind the original Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes
  • We’re planning our Kickstarter for later this year….

More to come very soon guys.