Youth Players, Scouts and Coaches…

Changes are afoot for the new Football Fortunes game!

If you’ve been taking part in our player votes on Facebook for player ratings for the new Football Fortunes game you will have noticed that we’ve not been featuring Utility Players.

For those who perhaps don’t know in the original Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes game utility players were players who could play in any position apart from as a goalkeeper, allowing managers to have depth in their squad in every position and introducing a slightly different approach to signing players.


The new Football Fortunes game won’t have utility players.

Wait! Set down the billy club! We’re doing things a bit differently is all.

In order to introduce a new element to the gameplay we’re introducing Youth Players as a replacement for Utility Players. Youth Players will be young 1 and 2 star rated players and will, like the utility players of old, be able to play in any position except for in goal.

Like who you ask? Like a Ben Woodburn, a Reece Oxford or a Tommie Hoban and similar players breaking through at their clubs.

Second drumroll…

The new Football Fortunes game will also feature Scouts and Coaches.

That’s right! As brand new features we’re introducing staff management to the game. Managers will now be able to appoint a scout and will have a coach too.

This will lead to a new dimension in how the game is played, opening up the possibility of ‘doing a Fergie’ by building a great team utilising a raft of youth players as opposed to ‘doing a Jose’ and spending on ready-made talent.

A few details then:

  • You will have to appoint a scout in order to be able to sign Youth Players
  • You will be able to improve Youth Players rating throughout the game
  • Youth Players will improve by the star ratings of your coach, making it imperative to skill up your coach in order to improve your youth squad
  • While established players will now only be available during transfer windows, Youth Player auctions will happen throughout the season allowing teams to add players mid season (replacing half price auctions also!)
  • It will also be possible to add youth players on loan throughout the season

So there you have it, likely the biggest departure yet from the original game! As always we welcome your thoughts, feelings and fiery arrows in the comments below or on the Football Fortunes Facebook Page and also now on the Cloughie’s Facebook Group…