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For anyone that has been following Footium and has been unsure of how to get involved and what to do once you have purchased a club, this article is for you!

What is Footium?

Becoming a Footium Club Owner

Our club mint of 3060 fully sold out back in November 2021, however there are clubs available on the secondary market. For anyone that is new to NFT Marketplaces and/or MetaMask, please see our guide on how to purchase a Footium club on the secondary marketplace at the end of this article.

How should I choose my club?

When deciding which club you want to buy, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind! A great place to start is deciding what Division of the FFL (Footium Football League) you want to start in. There are 8 Divisions in Footium, with Division 1 at the top. More insight into how the Footium Divisions and Leagues are structured can be found in this article. Different Divisions will earn different prizes from finishing in the top 3 in their respective leagues. You can find out more on Footiums prize pools here.

After deciding on your division, you need to make the tough decision of choosing a name, colours and badge that resonates with you. You can have a look through the marketplace or go to our club explorer which allows you to look through the different leagues in the divisions and easily take a look at all of the different clubs in Footium.

Your clubs homepage at the official Footium launch

Another important thing to consider is your stadium. You can view different angles of a club’s stadium, find out what the stadium is called and also view its capacity on the stadium tab on our club explorer. One last thing you might want to check is your club's lore, which can also be found on the club overview page and on club details on most NFT marketplaces.

Current Stadium View

Whilst it is important to look at all of these different aspects, your stadium, lore and division can all be changed and improved over the seasons as you move up the divisions with your Footium Club.

Stadium View on new UI

What comes with a Footium Club?

Your Footium Club NFT will just display as your club's badge, however, it is your key to being able to play Footium. Your club comes with:

  • A generative stadium that can be improved and expanded over time
  • Dynamic lore about your fanbase that will develop depending on your club's performance
  • An academy that will produce better quality players if you are in a higher division
  • 20 players of varying skill levels at the official game launch
  • and so much more to discover!

The Footium Wiki

If you are seeking more information, we released the Footium Wiki recently — your one-stop shop and source of truth for all things Footium: Game mechanics, prize pools, team information, and much more.

With it being a living document, future game mechanics and features such as morale and training will be added to the Wiki as development continues.

You can access the wiki here.

So what next?

While the game has not launched fully yet, there have been numerous seasons of beta testing as we collected feedback from the community & we are planning to launch the full game in 2023.

The next beta season is around the corner and it will feature our shiny new advanced match engine, you can apply to play the next season of the beta here. Once you have submitted your beta application, make sure to message Sam in the Footium Discord.

Whilst you can’t play the game official just yet, your club allows you entry into the Footium Football League, giving you a vote by holding your club which enables you to have a say on the finer details of the game. You can also get involved with the community, make your clubs Twitter account (There are well over 300 now!), get your role within the discord and start finding other people in your league igniting some rivalries.

There are also plenty of competitions to get involved with to win rare players and even clubs! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and join the Footium Discord so you don’t miss any of these chances to win!

Becoming a Footium Club Owner

  1. Create a MetaMask wallet, we have created a guide for this which can be found here.
  2. Once your MetaMask wallet is created send some ETH to it from an exchange like Binance or Coinbase. You can find your MetaMask wallet address in the medium article guide linked above.
  3. Head to our official collection page on OpenSea or Rarible. Connect your wallet to the site by clicking the wallet in the top right corner. After this have a look through some of the listed clubs to see which one you might want to purchase. (Please make sure you double-check you are only purchasing your Footium clubs through our official collection as there are some scam pages trying to imitate us)
  4. Go through and buy the club, once you have checked out it will open a MetaMask pop up showing your estimated gas fees. Once you are happy with the gas fees you can confirm the transaction.
  5. It will take you back to the marketplace where it will process your transaction and then you will have your club. You can check this by going to your profile which is normally located in the top right.

After this, your Footium Club is officially in your MetaMask wallet allowing you to connect to our website and play the game once it is released.

Our verified Rarible Collection

If you want to find out more information about Footium the best places are our Twitter, our Discord and our roadmap. If you are interested in buying a Footium club from the secondary market, make sure to do so from our official OpenSea collection page.