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For Awe

Shades of Blue

I’m in awe of you

“Shades of Blue” Series |© Design by Kiran Kumar

I’m enthralled by all the shades of blue
in these vast vessels of aqua.
Colours everchanging
simply by following the rules of light.
Tints, tinges and tones a sheer delight to see.
Hues enthralling, alternating
From Bali beaches to Caribbean shores.
Deep Pacific to Atlantic sea foams,
you are all a different blue.
From watching the sunrise to sunset
your colours constantly change.
Mood and time reflected…



For true happiness and better physical and mental health, make way for awe. In the vastness of the universe, the opportunities for finding awe are unlimited. Sharing our experiences of awe increases the impact it has on us and further connects us for the greater good.

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I’m an entrepreneur/business woman, mother, poet, writer, speaker, digital artist and podcaster — with a lifetime of stories, lessons learnt and so