For Awe
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For Awe

Photo © K.Barrett, 2022

Six Word Photo Story Marathon

April Challenge/Freestyle: Graffiti & Street Art/Freestyle

Art — representing reflection, collaboration, and change.

Standing 40 feet high and spanning 60 feet wide, this mural in Philadelphia is called From Behind the Mask. It offers many elements in the theme of reflection and finding and owning our own truth. The artist collaborated with a…




For true happiness and better physical and mental health, make way for awe. In the vastness of the universe, the opportunities for finding awe are unlimited. Sharing our experiences of awe increases the impact it has on us and further connects us for the greater good.

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K. Barrett

K. Barrett

I’m an educator, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, reader, writer, photographer, and health enthusiast, connecting with and helping others through writing.

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