For Awe
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For Awe


A haiku

Photo of a snowflake.
Photo by Damian McCoig on Unsplash

tiny, graceful, and pristine
winter butterfly

Snowflakes are mystical.

However, I could leave the dirty snow piles, slushy streets, and slippery sidewalks, but with that would come days without winter butterflies.




For true happiness and better physical and mental health, make way for awe. In the vastness of the universe, the opportunities for finding awe are unlimited. Sharing our experiences of awe increases the impact it has on us and further connects us for the greater good.

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Kris Bedenian

Kris Bedenian

I’m a writer who has journaled for 24 years. My battle with breast cancer has given me a new perspective on life. Writing is a way for me to give back.

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