For Awe
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For Awe


The Cracked Tree

A Haiku

the writer pictures
the past souls who found solace
under tired limbs

@2021 Ellie Jacobson

Please be gentle, as this was my first haiku.

I’ve always been fascinated by trees, imagining the other souls who have sat under the same tree. What was their world



For true happiness and better physical and mental health, make way for awe. In the vastness of the universe, the opportunities for finding awe are unlimited. Sharing our experiences of awe increases the impact it has on us and further connects us for the greater good.

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Ellie Jacobson

Editor at Flash Fiction Magazine & Intrepidus Ink | Flint & Steel editor | MFA candidate working on first novel | mom to 2 kitties, 2 teenage sons & many cats