Andrea Feczko’s Top Five Travel Tips

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Apr 19, 2016 · 3 min read

By Alex Moss

Andrea Feczko knows a thing or two about travelling. As well as being a self-confessed travel nerd and host of TV show Vacation Chasers she has also visited no less than 30 countries and lived in five. So when it comes to taking travel tips you could do a lot worse than listening to what Andrea has to offer.

1. Do your research and think out of the box. When I was doing Vacation Chasers, a lot of people only think of something US based. Most people don’t realise you can do something like Thailand for way less than something in the US, because although the initial travel is a lot more [money], you can live like a king in Thailand for fifty bucks a day whereas you’re spending $300 a night for a hotel here. Have a budget and look at the entire globe because you may find bigger bang for your buck.

2. Go off-season if you can. Pick your holiday in a strange time, not August. Why not go in February to South America where it’s warm. Try to pick something that’s different.

3. Pack power bars. You spend a lot on breakfast and it’s a meal you need to get through in order to get to the fun parts of your trip. It eliminates a bit of cash each day that you can use for something else.

4. Public transportation. Learn how to use it. See it as an adventure, even if you’re afraid of it. Plan it so you’re going to do a couple of things rather than cram loads of things in because you’ll end up having to get a taxi and that costs a lot. Do less activities on public transport and you might end up in places you didn’t expect, in a good way.

5. Budget. A lot of people don’t budget in their daily life so don’t have money for travel. If you budget your life a bit, don’t buy the extra drinks at Happy Hour, or don’t buy that pair of shoes, or don’t go shopping one day, that pays for travel. A lot of people say they don’t have money to travel but I look at what they’re spending on other things and I say to them, ‘you do realise I spent $3,000 traveling the world’. So don’t tell me you can’t afford to travel if you’re spending so much money on other things. I don’t go to an expensive hairdresser anymore. The person who cuts my hair, it’s in her kitchen, surrounded by her four kids, I’ve learned everything I ever need to know about childbirth in that room.

You can follow Andrea on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and for all things Andrea head to her website.

For more amazing travel tips check out Andrea’s YouTube channel.

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