A Fall for Her

Photo by Jake Melara on Unsplash

As he fell, he waited for the final moment where his body would splash into the water.

They say time goes in a slow-motion flashback when you fall to your death but his mind was going faster than his body, it flew through every thought he had ever had.

The end raced up towards his face as his mind thought about what he could have done to stop this all from happening. Did it start with Jenny on that cold night…



Welcome to the Nightmare Zone. We have assembled the best spine-tingling stories around to keep you up at night or lull you into a fitful sleep. From monsters to killers, and everything in between, we welcome you to our home. Have a seat, make yourself comfortable, and sleep well

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Barbara King

Barbara King

Fiction Writer and Medium blogger. Author of Loving Ana a YA Psychological Thriller releasing October 2022. Daily posts from writing advice to book reviews.