Childish Gambino — V. 3005

from Because the Internet ℗ 2013 Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC

Donald Glover is a pretty accomplished actor, comedian, screenwriter, and rapper (better known as Childish Gambino as his musical moniker). Prior to releasing Because the Internet in 2013, he released a pretentious “Clapping for the Wrong Reason” short film as an ‘artistic direction’ for his musical career forward with a script to accompany the album that later released (which I haven’t read, because I — and most people — think it’s pretty unnecessary.

Then Because the Internet released, and the hype was not built up for nothing. Perhaps this album is thestrongest work that Bino ever produced up to now.

Camp (2011) was a pretty amazing album, but Because the Internet saw Bino put his personality and creative minds into the album and turned it into a more west coast hip hop/experimental R&B direction than his older conventional rap, with plenty of memorable and poppy songs that stick in your head like “3005”, “Telegraph Ave (“Oakland” by Lloyd)” and “The Worst Guys”.

Photo : PPcorn

“3005” was the first single of the album and the perfect one to represent the album. The track showcasing Bino’s ability to singing as well as producing an incredible beat to back up his vocal. This is the perfect track to showcase us his different approach in his later musical career (eventhough STN MTN and Kauai is a pretty “hit or miss” case).

You can listen to this track, here. Get the track from iTunes, here.

3005 is featured in Because the Internet ℗ 2013 Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC

Reference & Further Readings

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