MGMT — Flash Delirium

from Congratulations ℗ 2010 Sony Music Entertainment

Back before MGMT went full bizzare and peculiar with their 2013’s MGMT (The “Optimizer” Deluxe Edition) album, they had 2 wonderfully captivating full album; Oracular Spectacular (2007) and Congratulations (2010).

“Flash Delirium” is featured in Congratulations and you can judge how much they’ve ‘grown up’ from the psychedelic dream art pop that was Oracular Spectacular to a more proto-rock psychedelic-space direction which many fans considered as the best way for MGMT to expand themselves rather than just making another carbon copy of Oracular.

Photo : Brooke Ian

And don’t worry. It still feels like a weird and magical trip like that first time you listen to “Time to Pretend” or “Electric Feel”; if not more.

Congratulations might be not the kind of album that will make you stick for it the very first time you hear it. But once it grows on you, it grows on you. And that’s an amazing achievement for an album that took a very different recipe from their previous critically praised album.

Congratulations, MGMT.

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Flash Delirium is featured in Congratulations ℗ 2010 Sony Music Entertainment

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