Polka Wars — Mokelé

from Axis Mundi ℗ 2015 demajors

The very first track by Polka Wars that I heard was “Top Gear (Moth & Flies)” and “This Providence” which actually not really that appealing to me. “Top Gear” was not really pleasuring in composition department meanwhile “This Providence” ran just a little bit too long.

I didn’t hear “Mokelé” until a few days later, but the very first time I heard it, this indie rock, baroque-ish, synth-generated cold electronic ambient (with incredible saxophone part) hooked me. The track is later featured as “Rilisan Terbaik Dalam Negeri 2015” (Best Local Releases 2015) by CNN Indonesia, while the album itself landed on number 7 on Warning Magazine “Indonesian Album of the Year”.

Photo : Gigmit

Polka Wars is a new kid on the local music industry (that joined the industry along with Barasuara and Kelompok Penerbang Roket), but Axis Mundi proves to be exactly the starting point they need.

and it’s a really good start.

You can listen to this track from their official youtube channel here. Get the track from iTunes, here.

Mokelé is featured in Axis Mundi ℗ 2015 demajors

Reference & Further Readings

Polka Wars’ official website.

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Axis Mundi review by Stanley Widianto on The Jakarta Post, here.

“Rilisan Terbaik Dalam Negeri 2015” (Best Local Releases 2015) by CNN Indonesia, here.

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