Introducing FBS

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6 min readMar 2, 2022

Introducing FBS

The forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator is an interoperability protocol that unites decentralized applications across disparate blockchains, simultaneously uniting liquidity across chains and making it possible to transact in, out, and across disparate networks with ease. The forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator allows crypto traders to tap deep liquidity and receive better pricing with one single interface.

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator employs a smart order routing algorithm to source liquidity from different DEXs and thus offer users better token swap rates than they could get on any single DEX. forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator has the ability to optimize slippage, swap fees, minimize slippage on large orders for users and offer traders the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator uses a Spaceflight algorithm smart order routing to split a single transaction into multiple orders across various DEXs, also route orders through allowing crypto traders to tap deep liquidity and receive better pricing, low cost & efficiency in the most of liquidity.

Key Highlights

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator

  • Aggregation Protocol

The forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator is an interoperability protocol that unites decentralized applications across disparate blockchains, simultaneously uniting liquidity across chains and making it possible to transact in, out, and across disparate networks with ease.

  • Liquidity Protocol

The forbitspace decentralized protocol empowers traders to provide liquidity to pools and collect extra rewards in FBS tokens for participating in liquidity mining programs.

  • Limit Order Protocol

A limit order places a specific price that a trader wants to buy or sell at and is only executed if the market hits that price.

Whereas market orders are executed immediately, limit orders are executed at a predefined price, which is generally better than the current market price.

  • Derivative Protocol

forbitspace derivatives protocol is used to create custom assets by using forward-looking features of locking the price in and the ability to either buy or sell an asset. forbitspace uses a contract that represents an asset bought or sold at a future date for a future price, synthetics are the very underlying asset representative of other assets.

  • Self-custody

Our app is built on decentralized crypto for customers to do self-custody of their crypto in the main forbitspace application.

  • Space DAO

forbitspace protocols integrate decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) into protocols to facilitate decentralized blockchain governance. Space DAO utilizes blockchain-based tokens to represent voting rights. As a result, only token holders can participate in network governance. These smart contracts can greatly reduce — or even eliminate — the need for intermediaries that might compromise decentralized decision-making.

forbitswap is a capital-efficient AMM that combines the liquidity on Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain with the scalability of a Layer 2 platform deployed on the Polygon Network, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and will soon be functional on other blockchains including Solana and more.

forbitswap will also work to provide a comprehensive platform for social tokens and NFTs.

  • Swap
  • Stacking
  • Liquidity Mining
  • NFTs Space Marketplace
  • flyby IDO Launchpad — a Multi-chain Platform

Key metrics

  • Token type. Utility Governance and Multi-chain
  • Max Supply: 9,999,999,999 FBS.

Contract :







Token distribution

  • 56,0% to forbitspace Community member
  • 10,0% Network growth funds
  • 9,0% Early Backers 5-year vesting
  • 6,0% Backers 5-year vesting
  • 8,0% Core contributors and future employees with a 5-year vesting
  • 5,0% Strategic Sale IDO, IEO
  • 3,0% Small backers 5-year vesting
  • 3,0% Advisor with a 5-year vesting

A perpetual inflation rate of 3% per year will start after 5 years, ensuring continued participation and contribution to the forbitspace protocol and ecosystem at the expense of passive FBS holders.

Token unlock schedule

IEO funding for the liquidity provider protocol was unlocked with a 10% network expansion fund of tokens already accessible. 5,0% Strategic sale private and IDO. The FBS tokens will be gradually unlocked to distribute community initiatives, liquidity mining, and other programs over a five-year period.

FBS Token Release schedule

FBS Token Unlock schedule

FBS will vest to the governance treasury on a continuous basis according to the following schedule

FBS is the native utility token of the platform and is used in the following functions:

  • Protocol Governance: The FBS token holders can submit and vote on network governance proposals in futures protocol, exchange parameters, and protocol upgrades via a DAO structure.
  • Liquidity Mining Incentives: forbitspace’s protocols multi-chain incorporates a liquidity mining scheme and distributes a fixed number of FBS tokens daily weighted by the liquidity each network participant provides on forbitspace protocol or forbitswap protocol.
  • Protocol Incentivization: Users can earn FBS tokens as rewards based on their trading volume on the FBS platform.
  • Staking: Users can stake FBS tokens to the Safety Module to earn staking rewards in FBS tokens. Note that staked FBS will balance by the following time.
  • Collateral Backing for Derivatives: FBS will be utilized as an alternative to stable coins as margin and collateral for forbitspace’s derivatives markets. In some futures markets, FBS can also be used for collateral backing or insurance pool staking where stakes can earn interest on their locked tokens.
  • Platform Service Fees: After the relayer reward distribution, the exchange platform fee will undergo an on-chain buy-back-and-burn event to accrue value for FBS.
  • Utility Holders: FBS token holders can participate in an auction with options such as Crowdsale, Dutch & Batch auction on IDO flybyLaunchpad — a multi-chain platform, and NFTs Space.

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator successfully solves one of the disjointed liquidity that is inherent in decentralized exchanges’ biggest issues — liquidity — by sourcing it through the aggregation of many leading DEXs — at the same time.

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator uses the power of blockchain to bring a multichain ecosystem to explore the possibilities of protocols working together to create scalability and efficiency.

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator connects different blockchains to give users access to hundreds of new assets, a secure, easy-to-use decentralized exchange, and the blockchain industry’s fastest smart contracts platform, which is blazingly fast, low-cost, and eco-friendly.





forbitspace is an interoperability aggregator protocol that unites decentralized applications across disparate blockchains.