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Jul 1 · 2 min read

It’s been quite a busy month for a startup founder who needed to pitch and a Hongkonger who needed to speak. Quite a lot have happened but I will try to keep it short.

Hong Kong Anti-Extradition

1. Hong Kong

Most of the business owners in HK are scared to talk about politics. Since when has self-censorship emerged? The leaderless protest movement in Hong Kong is such a good research topic for blockchain startups.

2. Taipei

We have completed our Demo Day at AppWorks in Taipei. We have met the objective: introducing Forbole and Cosmos to Southeast Asia. We are still working on the English subtitle (well, Chinese subtitle is also needed due to my poor Mandarin…) but please read this English script for the moment.

3. Seoul

We will be in Seoul during 18–24 July to join HackAtom Seoul and BUIDL Asia. We will show you some interesting works using Cosmos SDK. Sign up here and build something together!

4. Our career opportunities

We are expanding in both Hong Kong and Taipei. Hong Kong team will focus on staking-as-a-service and Cosmos/Forbole community in Southeast Asia. Taipei team will focus on improving Big Dipper and building things using Cosmos SDK. We need developers, UX designer and network engineers.

5. AppWorks blockchain accelerator

Our acceleration in Taipei is near the end. But this is only the beginning. AppWorks is an excellent choice for blockchain startups who would like to explore Southeast Asia. It is now a community of 1,000+ founders across the region. As the deadline (15 July) to apply is quickly approaching, click here to apply now!

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PoS blockchains validation and governance

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PoS blockchains validation and governance

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