Deed of DID — Decentralization, Inclusion and Diversity

“person holding assorted-color candlesticks” by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

From the retweet on Twitter yesterday, I knew about Project Include which was co-founded by Ellen Pao, the ex-CEO of Reddit. Although I cannot say I agree 100% with their idea, inclusion and diversity are always the core values I want to pursue. When I read more posts by Project Include and Ellen Pao, I am inspired to think about how to integrate decentralization, inclusion and diversity.

May I call this the Deed of DID (Decentralization, Inclusion and Diversity)?

As you may know, we are building Forbole (ˈfɔːbəl) Blockchain, which is a blockchain designed for distributed reputation. Blockchain is just a state machine to facilitate application. Then what is the idea of our application? We decided to build Forbole Referral Network, because we think word-of-mouth referral can empower the underrepresented talents. In fact, as a graduate with mediocre academic performance, I was able to get a job offer from a bluechip banking group amidst the economic downturn in 2004 thanks to a referral by a lecturer who spotted my potential the transcript couldn’t tell.

Just as Ellen Pao said, we may have taken some actions that inactivated inclusion and diversity without knowing them. I see that a sound decentralized governance model may help to protect and foster inclusion and diversity. The product of decentralization, inclusion and diversity is permissionless:

Our purpose at Forbole is to empower people. We would like to fight against the internet tyranny dictated by the elites. Our solution is to introduce a decentralized business model for social networks, and Forbole Referral Networks is our first experiment. Besides all the dense technical stuff, our own startup culture need to be decentralized enough. Culture is built by people.

As suggested by Ellen Pao, “When it comes to creating diverse teams, the sooner the better.“. So the best time to build our diverse team is now! We need to build a team of contributors from various backgrounds other than our existing team. The roles we need include but not limited to advisors, evangelists, developers, designers and content creators. We prefer remote freelancers at the moment. We can design remuneration in equity, fiat and tokens. To avoid breaching the regulations, we better state our own backgrounds instead of stating the opposite explicitly:

  • Both co-founders are males;
  • Both co-founders are Chinese;
  • Both co-founders are native Cantonese speakers;
  • Both co-founders are from Hong Kong;
  • Both co-founders are right-handed;

May I say that the contributors with backgrounds other than the above are preferred?

Originally published at on November 6, 2018.