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PayWhatYouWant: Result for May 2019

We need to first give you a review on our #PayWhatYouWant campaign. To recall what it is, please take a look at below:

In the first month (May) of the campaign, we have received below donations from 4 delegators so far:

Total amount is 523 atoms. The result is quite good, given we have not promoted the campaign aggressively. Still, we need to have a wider set of donors.

Delegate to contributing validators

We are delegating the donations to other contributing validators which are out of the top 20% validators. As a stake, this amount of delegation is so small. But what more important is that this list of validators is our choice. We chose them for reasons. They are Kalpa Tech, Chris Remus (Chainflow), Easy2Stake, Melea, Firmamint, StakeWith.Us and 01node.

1) Kalpa Tech

Kalpa Tech is an award-winner in Game of Stakes run by Adriana. She is an active community contributor in Cosmos. More than the daily communication works she has done in community channels, her “Today in Cosmos” series on her Twitter is now part of my routine every morning I wake up:

2) Chris Remus (Chainflow)

Chris Remus is another active contributing community member since Oct 2017. He was covered in the Q&A Session by InterChain Foundation in July 2018. He was also covered in Cosmos Validator Brief series by Jesse Livermore:

Chris is advocating for decentralization. He has started Decentralized Staking Defenders to “engage in dialogue and take meaningful action to counter staking’s trend toward centralization.”

3) Easy2Stake

The third one of this batch is Easy2Stake by Chinezupwnz (Liviu Nica). Being the third does not mean we rank him the third. Easy2Stake is a named winner in the Never Jailed category in Game of Stake. In fact, his current low delegation is due to bad luck which he has described below:

Before the above happened, I have already asked him about this. I meant, what? You were a GoS Never Jailed winner and you gave up being a genesis validator? His answer was that he was not ready at that time to take this responsibility.

I truly respected his decision. This guy is serious.

4) meleaTrust

First of all, we are still waiting for new donation to make our delegation to Melea. But you have my word. Once we have got another 200 atoms as donation, we will execute the delegation.

Melea was one of the earliest validators our Kwun Yeung has connected to in the early stage of our Cosmos journey. He has helped us a lot. His involvement and contribution are witnessed by a lot of prominent Cosmonauts:

Melea is funny, helpful and straightforward. He is a critical part to make our Cosmos community diversified and inclusive. He is also an active and contributing validator on Iris Hub.

5) Firmamint

Based in Canada, Firmamint is another Never Jailed winner in Game of Stakes. They are an active contributor in the community and have track record in ensuring the high quality of the validators’ chat room.

6) StakeWith.Us

StakeWith.Us is a Cosmos validator based in Singapore. They are currently a leading validator on Plasmachain of Loom Network. StakeWith.Us will definitely help to expand Cosmos ecosystem and community in Southeast Asia.

7) 01node

01node, run by Claudiu from Romania, is another early contributor in Cosmos community. He is always your go-to guy when you face difficulties during your Cosmos journey. 01node is one of the named winners in the category of “Uptime Leaders” in Game of Stakes.

8) Chainlayer

[introductions to be added]

9) Cypher Core

[introductions to be added]

Our next step: expanding the list

The above validators are vivid examples of individual and independent validators who are contributing to Cosmos and decentralization as a whole. We will expand this list gradually and carefully and hope this will become a guidance to you when you are making delegation.

Forbole is not a big Atoms holder, but we are experienced and influential enough to give suggestions. We are confident that we can spot the givers from an increasingly large crowd of takers and stalkers. Decentralization need more givers who contribute to the movement.

1st update on 26 July 2019
2nd update on 28 August 2019


PoS blockchains validation and governance

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PoS blockchains validation and governance

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