Forbole’s experimental commission rate

Terence Lam
Apr 25, 2019 · 3 min read
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Our 0% rate

In mid-March, we announced we will charge 0% commission rate for our validator service on Cosmos Hub for at least one month. We have kept the first half of our promise: lowered our rate to 0% and kept it for one month.

As the deadline (28/4) is coming, it is time to fulfil the second half: decide our new rate. This is not just a promise to delegators. This is also a promise to our fellow Cosmos validators.

One price fits all?

Price war is not a good thing for decentralization. But we are also not a fan to a “one price fits all” standardized approach. More than providing excellent infrastructure, validators have various ways and specialties to contribute to Cosmos community. Delegators also have various reasons why they want to support a validator.

Cosmonauts love to do experiment. Cosmos is already a big one. How about we do another experiment together? Here is our new commission rate:

Pay What You Want (#PWYW)

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Our max rate and max change rate have shown our commitment to delegators

With immediate effect, we will keep the commission rate at 0%. It is up to you to decide how much and how frequent you want to pay by sending atoms to us as donations. Pay what you want! No matter you are our delegators or just want to support us, please do not hesitate to do it! This new plan is effective until 31 Oct 2019.

Please make your donation to our self-delegate address:

More than a validator

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Our first meetup in Hong Kong to introduce Cosmos ecosystem to private banker, hedge fund manager, family office, private equity, FinTech professionals and individual investors.

We are more than a quality validator. We are builder, conductor and evangelist. As a rare Cosmos contributor and validator in South China region, we are ready to spread Cosmos in top-tier cities in the region such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taipei and Guangzhou. Our plan includes:

  • Host workshop to introduce Cosmos SDK to developers
  • Write about Cosmos as columnist in local blockchain media
  • Expand our own team which includes developers and content creators to build more stuff for Cosmos community
We shared our experiences as Cosmos and IRIS validator in Shanghai

Every μatom counts!

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Thank you for the support. Your donation is important for us to execute our Cosmos plan. Every μatom counts! Please make your donation to our self-delegate address:


Feel free to join our community as well! You can also communicate with me directly on Telegram.


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