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Terence, Zoe, Chjango (Cosmos) and Kwun

HackAtom Seoul

We have had a wonderful experience in HackAtom Seoul. We have won the 3rd place using our working prototype of Desmos which is a social network-specific chain built with Cosmos SDK, and Magpie which will be a Desmos’ module for temporary key pairing using browser-based WASM for providing identity and accountability to validators, which helps to build a decentralized Twitter to be integrated to Big Dipper. For more about the amazing teams and projects in HackAtom Seoul, please refer to below post:

We have also had wonderful discussions with excellent teams like A-Team, B-Harvest, Chorus One, Commercio, Cosmos, Cosmostation, IOV, Kava, Krypto Seoul, Lunamint, LunaWhale, Nonce, Sikka, Solana.

Desmos and Magpie

Zoe is presenting to the judges.

We want to build somethings that can help the wide adoption of blockchain technology and token economic. What is that one common thing both the people in and out of the blockchain space will do? Tweet. Desmos will be a chain for social media applications. Its first module is Magpie, which provides identity and accountability to validators, delegators and other types of stakeholders with a novel and generalizable temporary key pair using browser-based WASM.

Initially, we will bootstrap the early users of Desmos by building a decentralized microblogging platform on top of Big Dipper by to solve one pain point: let the existing Cosmonauts and newcomers to know each more better through a decentralized and verifiable manner.

Desmos will be started as a “validators first” project.

Engaging validators are crucial to our success. They would provide not only security but also community building. This is very important to a social network-specific chain like Desmos.

We are working on the light paper of Desmos, which will be published on GitHub. We will definitely want to have more Cosmonauts and buidlers to join us asap. Stay tuned! (well, we also have a Twitter for Desmos…)

The First Cosmos Taiwan Meetup

Immediately after the Seoul trip, we have hosted the first Cosmos Meetup in Taiwan. We have covered the basics of Cosmos and the staking economy on Cosmos Hub. As a very rare experienced contributor from Hong Kong, we will put more resources in the development of Cosmos community in the region.

Kwun talked about Ethermint
I cannot remember why I spoke like this.
Panel discussion

Blockchain 101 workshop to the interns at AppWorks

Education is important in blockchain space. In this workshop, we have introduced the concept behind Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cosmos. As usual, we started by talking about Rai stones.


The monthly report of the donation to our #PayWhatYouWant staking service on Cosmos Hub is as follows

May: 523 atoms
June: 206 atoms
July: 283 atoms

We would like to give a special shout-out to below messages from donors:

(Donation link)

Forbole, thank you for the trust and letting delegators to set their own rates. Keep up the great works!

(Donation link)

We’ve heard that Kowloon means 9 dragons, and wish the 9 dragons (111111111) to continue protecting Forbole, Hong Kong and the Cosmos!!!

Cosmos Network is a gigantic experiment. We would like to test as much as possible before things have become too rigid to change. We treat blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies as a way to liberty. Instead of charging for a fixed pricing, we undergo this PayWhatYouWant campaign to return the right of pricing back to the atoms hodlers. Self awareness is so important not just to Cosmos but blockchain space as a whole.

List of Validators Trusted by Forbole

We have added one more member to our trusted list! Please welcome 01node! Please check the list on this post.

Big Dipper

Big Dipper is now supporting more blockchains. As Big Dipper grows, it also need to have its own voice. So here is the blog of Big Dipper!


Forbole is expanding! We are growing our distributed teams across the globe! Please take a look and refer suitable candidates to us!

Core Developer (Remote)

Product Manager (Remote)

Network Engineer (HK)

UX Designer (Remote)


PoS blockchains validation and governance

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PoS blockchains validation and governance

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