Unveiling Forbole Referral Network

Delay, delay, delay. Due to a lot of reasons, we chose to prioritize our works on Cosmos and hence we cannot launch the beta version of Forbole Referral Network as expected (our revised target beta launch will be Dec 2018/Jan 2019). Still we have made some progress. For example, we have created an animation explainer:

(Thanks to Kirill Pavlov for this great work. To see more of his portfolio, please click here.)

We have also completed the user experience design and 70% some of the coding. Let’s take a look:

Referring a friend to another
An ordinary timeline as a social app
Blog is important to build personal influence (and credibility)
Your skills are endorsed by your connections
Forbole Wallet can store multiple assets
Writing recommendation is important. This is the building block of Forbole Referral Network.
Writing recommendations for the people you trust.
Your activities are contributing to the success of yourself, your connections and the community as a whole.
The email notification is where the virality starts.
You can help the people you trust to become more successful by referring them the right opportunities.
Showing the Scores which will relate to Phanero

Most of our audience who are not familiar with blockchain is confused about our project as there are Forbole Blockchain and Forbole Referral Network (“FRN”). Are they the same thing?

They are two independent projects which are highly correlated. Simply put, Forbole Blockchain serves FRN. Here is a more detailed explanation. Forbole Blockchain is providing the blockchain infrastructure for FRN and most of our end users don’t need to deal with Forbole Blockchain (unless you are interested to join the investment and/or governance of Forbole Blockchain). FRN is the social networking app which end users will use in a way like most other mobile/web apps.

To avoid confusion, we are considering to rebrand FRN directly to Phanero, which is the name of the contribution token to be generated on FRN. Let’s make the decision later (maybe by on-chain governance?).

A referral will change the lives of others.

Originally published at www.forbole.com on December 17, 2018.