Photograph: Alama

Your recommendations can change the lives of others

Thanks all of you who have accepted my connecting request on LinkedIn. Small blockchain startups like us need support from people like you.

Do you have this experience: You seized an opportunity because someone has recommended you. Do you know how a recommendation can change the life of other? I am one of the beneficiaries. Back to the year 2004, my graduate job was confirmed because of a recommendation by my university tutor.

The tutor has already forgotten she had made such recommendation. But her student would never forget. This recommendation has changed my life. This was the first summer after the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong, and I got the job as a commercial banking trainee in one of the largest local banks in Hong Kong with a monthly salary of HK$10,000, while at that time the salary of a trainee in Big4 was HK$9,800. The salary of my roommate as an audit trainee in a small CPA firm was HK$6,000. The unemployment rate was over 7%.

No matter you are a fresh graduate, a young professional, a startup or a small business, all you need is an opportunity.

Help other people to succeed by giving them opportunities. Become a success by helping other people to succeed.

That’s why we started Forbole (Whitepaper is here), a decentralized ecosystem based on recommendations, referrals, and rewards.

We are not another ICO project. We just don’t have deep pockets to launch an ICO at the moment. Instead, we are preparing for our membership pre-sale, in the form of utility token crowdfunding. To achieve this, I cordially invite you to join our community on Telegram.

Stay tuned!

Originally published at on May 11, 2018.