Forecast of placers is possible

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Synthesis of the latest achievements in prospecting geomorphology (structural geomorphology), computer modeling of sedimentological processes, fractal analysis of erosion dissected relief, as well as technological breakthroughs in recent years in the field of processing large volumes of data, artificial intelligence and remote sensing of the Earth — has allowed to create a unique method for large-scale forecasting placer objects.

Part of the elements of this technique are registered as an invention, part exists in the form of know-how.

The search strategy for new mineral deposits (placers including) is based on a purposeful and effective selection of objects for further geological research.
Accurate and reliable geological forecast sharply increases the effectiveness of prospecting.

Our invention will allow you to get a forecast of placer objects (gold, platinum and platinoids, jewelry stones, other types of mineral raw materials) for the territory that interests you.

The forecast is primary, metal detector, gold prospecting, gold panning, gold sluice, placer mining, gold prospecting & mining equipment are needed in the next stages.

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Forecast of placers is possible

Forecast of placers