An outage affecting Apple applications and internal services is now resolved.

On Monday, Apple Inc. fixed a broad network outage that had taken some customers’ access to Apple Music, iCloud, and the App Store offline and hampered the company’s internal operations.

According to staff personnel who asked not to be identified, the issues stopped corporate employees from working from home and retail workers from completing jobs and aggravated Apple consumers.

Product repairs, exchanges, and item pickups were hampered by the outage, impacting the corporate staff’s ability to communicate and access internal websites.

The outage, according to Apple, was caused by difficulties with the domain name system, or DNS. DNS failures happen when a server can’t connect to an internet protocol address, and human mistakes frequently cause them.

The App Store, Arcade, TV+, music, and podcasts were all included in this outage. Apple’s website was updated about 3:40 p.m. to reflect that the difficulties had been rectified. However, soon after 6 p.m., Apple’s customer complaints rose.

According to Downdetector, a company that records outages said that iMessage, the Apple Support app, maps, and the company’s online shop all had issues. This scale of an outage is rare for Apple, which prioritizes providing a seamless customer experience.

Customer complaints increased around the same period for Inc.’s web services and Google and cellphone carriers — though not as dramatically.

Investors were unfazed by the disruptions, sending Apple shares up 0.9 percent to $165.38 on Monday. This year, the stock has lost 6.9% of its value.

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