Foresight Opinion Trading: A new way to share opinions?

Foresight India Opinion Trading

We all have opinions. While some of us feel no inhibition in sharing our opinions on social media, others simply sit in front of the television and share their opinion about the quiz show or game they are watching.

Why do we need to have an opinion about everything?

Being able to express one’s opinions is healthy; it indicates that one has evolved into being better educated, and more knowledgeable. However, since everyone has an opinion, they believe they deserve to be heard, admired, agreed with, and rewarded.

Whatever it is, the main keywords here are “deserving” and “rewarded.”. Social media is full of people who fight to prove that their opinions are more valid than others, and while doing so, they troll, insult, and lie about others. But won’t this have a negative impact on your mental health? What is the point of having an opinion if it is so complex and of no use to you?

In the end, does this mean that opinions are no longer valid? Of course not. Here’s a way to voice your opinions while getting heard and rewarded.

So, how can you get heard and get rewarded for your opinions?

Foresight India is an opinion-based trading platform with an original algorithm that assembles the wisdom of the people like never before… But, wait… don’t get an idea that it is another one of that cliche betting platforms. It is not. So, how is it different than those betting platforms, and how was Foresight born?

Watching “Kaun Banega Crorepati” and trying to guess the answer with no knowledge of the topic may have been familiar to us all. Some of us may even have gotten the answers right without knowing what the questions were about. What feeling did you get then? If you had been sitting at that seat, you might have earned that money easily, but you didn’t because not everyone gets a chance to sit at the seat. You saw an opportunity pass in front of your eyes but couldn’t do anything.

That is how Foresight India was born. To make sure everyone’s opinion was heard. Be it IPL, News, Stocks, or crypto; it has got you covered.

But what exactly is the platform, and do I have to put my money into it?

As mentioned earlier, the platform is an opinion-based trading platform. When you sign up for the app for the first time, you are given 500MIL coins that you can place opinions on when playing. This virtual currency enables you to understand the world of opinion trading without the risk of losing your hard-earned money. So, how to get started?

Here is a step by step guide to how the platform works:

First, you need to download the Foresight India application from the play store.

Foresight India Opinion Trading

You follow the simple sign-up process where you will use your phone number. Additionally, you will be asked to enter your UPI ID during this process, but don’t worry; you can add it whenever you like after signing up, but make sure you put it in after you win, or else the money won’t be credited to you.

Foresight India Opinion Trading

After the signup process, you will see the main screen where all the questions will be displayed. (Just like in Kaun Banega Crorepati, but here you get only two options which makes your winning probability 50% more than 25% in KBC :) )

Foresight India Opinion Trading

At your top right corner of the app, you will see some number + Mil. Mil is the in-app currency of Foresight which you will use for opinion trading. See, told you you don’t have to put your money into it.

Once you see a question, click on it and a new screen will open. Here you will see two sliders. One slider will be set in the middle and one at the extreme left. The top slider is the amount of Mils you want to trade for the answer. The bottom slider is how sure you are if the answer is yes or no. Sliding it at the extreme left means you will place the exact amount you chose on the top slider and vice versa for sliding it to the extreme right.

Foresight India Opinion Trading

After selecting the amount and how much you want to bid, click on submit, and your opinion will get submitted.

It is crucial that you place your opinion as soon as possible once the questions are posted on the platform. This is because the amount of Mil points you can place will reduce over time. As a result, your chances of winning will also decrease.

Once you have answered all the questions, you will have to wait. The results get announced at around 10 PM on the app itself, and you will know how many of your opinions were correct.

Foresight India Opinion Trading

You will be placed on the leaderboard, where you will rank according to the Mil points you earned by answering correctly.

Once you see you have toped the leaderboard, make sure you have added your UPI id in the profile section to get the money you earned with your opinions.

But what if I miss some questions or place a bet on the wrong answer?

For that, you can use the Crypto11 feature of the app. You will bid on the bitcoin price every 5 minutes. Will the bitcoin price go up in the next 5 minutes? You know the drill now. Play this game as much as you want, and keep adding MILs to your leaderboard. The feature can be used whenever you want to make sure no one gets ahead of you on the leaderboard.

Foresight Opinion Trading

What else?

Additionally, the game also embraces social opinion trading, where you can copy what other people on the site are doing. Social opinion trading has simplified the process of opinion trading for individuals who stress developing predictions.

You can also use Foresight Opinion to trade against friends using the app’s inclusive features. Enjoy watching your friends lose while you take all the

Refer and Earn

Still not satisfied with winning? Refer the app to your friends and win more money every day.

Foresight India

In the end, your opinions matter.

Have an opinion on crypto, stocks, entertainment, and cricket? Here’s your chance to get the recognition you are being heard and rewarded for your opinions.



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