This IPL season, put your foresight skills to work and earn big

With all the joy and sadness, IPL brings a lot of opportunities for you to earn big. With dozens of options like Dream11, Mobile Premier League, and many more. But you don't get much of a choice to do much here, right?

You create your team and then just wait and watch if the players you chose win or not? Not that exciting.

During the conversations about upcoming games we all say things like that batsman will score that many runs, that bowler will take that many wickets, the team will be all out below a certain score, or any of hundreds of things you can predict during these conversations.

Once the match starts and your predictions start to come true don’t you feel like screaming, Told Ya. But in the end, there’s no reward for you to guess this.

That is how Foresight India came into existence. To give your opinions and predictions the recognition and rewards they deserve.

You don’t have to just put your opinions in the air, get the Foresight India Opinion Trading app and earn big this IPL season.

How does this work?

Each day before the match Foresight India publishes some questions on its app. For example, if it’s Mumbai Indians Vs. Chennai Super Kings, you will find the questions like

Will Mumbai will today’s match?

Will Rohit Sharma score 50+ runs?

Will Dhoni hit 3 sixes in today’s match?

You get the idea. So if you think any of this is possible you bid MILs(Foresight’s own currency)on the Yes or No probability. If your guess turns out to be right after the match you will receive the amount of MILs you had bid on the question. These MIL points will decide your rank on the leaderboard. Higher the rank, the higher the rewards.

For more detailed instruction read the following blog on how to play and earn big on Foresight India Opinion Trading.

How much can I bid?

Each week the MILs are reset and each player starts new with 500 MILs. After each of your correct predictions, you will earn MILs which you can use to bid more. The more you play, the more are the chances of winning more MILs.

How much is the prize money?

If your predictions and bets are the highest among other players on the app, you will rank in 1st place on the leaderboard and will get 150 rewards. The second player will get 100, the third 75, and the fourth and fifth will get 50, and the rest players till the 10th rank on the leaderboard each will get 30. No matter where you stand on the leaderboard there is something for everyone.

Is this only related to IPL?

As this is the season of India’s most loved sport, you will have an opportunity to offer more opinions and predictions. However, you can also make predictions about other topics, such as Bollywood trends or crypto.

Among the questions asked in trending will be such as whether a certain song or trailer video will reach this many views on YouTube? How is this better than other apps?

Other apps will not give you the flexibility that Foresight India is able to give. We not only give you the questions, but we also provide you with the context. So even if you don’t win, you will definitely learn something new going on.

What else is there?

Foresight India has a refer-and-earn program if you want to earn even more. For each referral, you will be paid ₹15. Simply open the app, share your referral code with your friends, and once they use your referral code to log in, you will be paid the money through the UPI ID you provided during the signup process. If you forgot to add your UPI ID, no worries, you can just add it on your dashboard, below your profile picture.

Some other things you should know about the app

Even though you can give your opinion till the timer ends, with each passing moment the bid amount will be reduced. In other words, giving your prediction earlier will let you bid more.

What if there is a tie on the leaderboard?

Yes, we have considered this possibility and have given you other options to break the tie. Our newest app addition, Crypto11, provides you with this option. You will need to predict if the bitcoin’s price will go up or down in the next 5 minutes. If your prediction is right, you can win as much as 20MILs. Win this enough times and you will break the tie and become the winner.

Where can I download the app?

The app is currently available on the Play Store and you don’t need to pay for anything during signup or even while playing.



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