Evaluative Phase

Week Fifteen: 4/27- 5/03

This week we mostly focussed on fabricating out deliverables and presentation flow to Microsoft. Our core intentions at this point is to present a robust journey map and interaction flow to convey our concept without high fidelity renderings. Also we are laying focus on drafting our script for concept video so that we can recruit and shoot in time.


We took our first stab to understand our concept in-depth by drawing a journey map through various stages of experience involved in Glimpse. Since it is an exchange of a physical product, there is always a sender and a receiver involved. Throughout the journey we realized there were two main touch-points of direct/indirect communication, through object and conventional modes of communication.


Through this exercise we learnt that we should find more seamless ways/modes of conducting a direct/synchronous communication through our intervention.


After understanding user-journey through Glimpse, we broke down key interactions involved. Originally we thought of Capture, Tag, Reveal and Reciprocation but later we decided to drop Reciprocation as it didn’t feel a universal interaction that might happen over broad range of cases. Breaking down the interaction of Capture, Tag and Reveal made us understand a cohesive language that can tie together all the interactions.


Interaction matrix was instrumental in breaking down the interactions and understanding different kinds of UI’s(Spatial UI and Device UI) that can exist with MR ecosystem.

Our next steps were to wireframe each interaction in order to plan for our concept video as well our interaction videos.




Above mentioned schematics paved a clear path for us to plan shots for our concept video. Beyond this point we focussed our energy on concept video, interaction videos and final presentation.

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