Gestural Interactions, Visual Design, and Storytelling

Week Sixteen: 5/1–5/7

Now that we are on our last stretch of this semester-long project, we are finally getting to the detailed interactions and visual design of the final concept. Throughout this week and the beginning of the next, we will be working on refining our Mixed Reality interactions, the visual design of our product components, the concept video, and finally a 10-minute presentation to summarize our goals and rationale for creating glimpse.

Gestural Interactions & Interfaces

Works in progress

After figuring out the specific interactions required to capture, curate, and tag moments to the glimpse ecosystem, we have begun creating the high-fidelity elements to showcase our desired interaction ecosystem.

The glimpse concept makes use of gaze, gesture, and graphical user interfaces to enable the user to interact with this system. Our team spent a lot of time discussing conventions for current interactions with MR, and bodystormed using our studio HoloLens to better understand how one may manipulate virtual objects using their body.

Visual Identity & Design

Amongst our numerous product names, we finally chose “glimpse,” which a quick Google search defines as:

glimpse identity iterations

We chose the name “glimpse” given the momentary, ephemeral, and remote nature of our product concept. Remote family members are able to ‘glimpse’ into the lives of their loved ones through our Mixed Reality gifting ecosystem.

Given the lighthearted and familial nature of our product concept, the visual identity should follow suit as well. We wanted to try something with gradients, which has been making a comeback in the design community. We opted for an identity that speaks approachable, delightful, warm, and designed. The glimpse ecosystem makes use of orbital elements, which led to explorations in the circular form.

glimpse visual identity iterations
glimpse logo


We have begun filming for our final concept video, which would be the highlight of our presentation to Microsoft during next week’s critique. The video will showcase the story of 3 generations — Dad, Son, and Granddaughter. The three generations connect via glimpse, despite not being able to be together physically.

First iteration

We have casted Joe Lyon of the School of Design to act as the Son, and his daughter as the Granddaughter. We have also casted Jim Morris of the School of Computer Science to act as the Dad, and will conclude filming his parts tomorrow.

After filming, we will be bringing interaction elements already designed in Aftereffects and Cinema4D into Premiere to create a cohesive, impactful video. Our video will not only showcase the Mixed Reality interactions with glimpse, but also the interactions that are enabled in the real world through our day to day belongings.

Next Steps

  • S 5/6 | Complete shooting last scenes, continue working on AE and C4D
  • U 5/7 | Work day
  • M 5/8 | Complete video, complete presentation deck
  • T 5/9 | Practice day
  • W 5/10 | 1:30PM Final Presentation with Microsoft